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Pelumi Fafowora

Software Engineer and Avid Learner

Who are you, and what do you do? What do you like to do outside of work?

“Who are you” is a really deep question that I never really know how to answer. But one way I would describe myself is pretty curious about many topics (currently thinking about consciousness).

And thus I have 101 things I want to learn or projects I want to work on. I’m a software engineer. I’m currently looking for a new job, but I’ve previously worked at two startups in the fintech space. I really enjoy software engineering because of the way it makes me think. Here’s my LinkedIn if anyone reading has leads.🙂

I generally like to structure what I do outside of work into three buckets: something I’m learning, something I’m doing/creating, and something I’m using for physical activity.

Then when I can, I like to get some reading in. I’m trying mornings at the moment and I’m reading Ametora: How Japan Saved American Style.

Doing/Creating: Sewing

I did a sewing boot camp recently where I made a bunch of bags (a tote bag, an eyeglass pouch, and a zipper pouch). My current project is to add some silk to the eyeglass pouch I made.

Physical Activity: Cycling

I did a ride recently up Hawk Hill (this hill in Marin County, across from San Francisco) with some friends and I cramped five times 😅 but it was still fun and a great challenge.

Pelumi Fafowora in a cycling helmet
And he looks eager to ride again!

Bikes and a view of the Golden Gate
Maybe the view makes it worth the climb

Learning: Yoruba

I’ve been taking lessons online with a teacher in Nigeria.

My dad is of Yoruba descent and so is my name, so I want to learn the language to connect more to my culture. I also want to speak some of it when I return to Nigeria.

I also want to write a grammar sketch for it. I did it in college for a linguistics class, but the work wasn’t something I was proud of. So I’m going to try again. It will also allow me to get a deeper understanding of the language.

What hardware do you use?

My computer’s peripherals are my ErgoDox EZ, Apple Magic Keyboard, two monitors (one Samsung that I use as my main and one HP monitor that I use as a vertical screen), my Bose QuietComfort headphones that have lasted a few years, and a vertical mouse from Perixx so I don’t pronate too much.

Pelumi Fafowora's setup
Pelumi keeps his setup simple

I sit on Nouhaus Ergo3d Ergonomic Office Chair at a 55x28-inch ErGear Height-Adjustable Desk. The other necessities are a SHLINUX clamp lamp and my little teapot, which helps caffeinate me in the morning.

Pelumi Fafowora's setup with light on
A big desk lamp keeps Pelumi's desk bright at night

And what software?

I use the browser Arc. It has become my “internet computer,” as they like to promote. Many apps that I previously opened via a desktop app, like Notion, I now open inside Arc. I like that it allows me to search through any websites I’ve been to in the past via a command bar, and I can do an easy split screen inside the browser.

I use the Surfingkeys extension to do Vim-like operations when surfing the web. I’m trying to reach for my mouse less and less.

I use the Magical extension to make writing my LinkedIn-GitHub link faster to write as I get through applications.

My Spotify app to help me concentrate during the day. I listen to a lot of lofi and rain sounds for concentration, and for more leisure time I’ve been listening to Nina Simone recently.

What’s your keyboard setup like? Do you use a custom layout or custom keycaps?

Admittedly, I still use my Magic Keyboard as my main, but I do want to use my ErgoDox more. I use the ErgoDox from time to time, but when I need to be productive, I switch back to my Magic Keyboard.

Taking the time to get used to my ErgoDox is on the docket for the near future. The split keyboard is nice for my shoulders. Here’s my custom layout so far.

I use Karabiner-Elements to modify my current keyboard layout so I can leverage hjkl as my arrow keys. I map Caps Lock to Esc, and Esc+ijkl are my arrow keys.

What would be your dream setup?

I’d use my ErgoDox full time in a more vertical position. Some of the wires I use to connect and charge my devices are a bit messy. I’d clean that up. Outside of that, I actually really like my setup.

Pelumi Fafowora sitting in a picture frame
Thanks, Pelumi! Hope your three-bucket plan keeps taking you interesting places!

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