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Jessica Ambrosio

Software Engineer

Who are you, and what do you do? What do you like to do outside of work?

I am Jessica Ambrosio, a software engineer, but I hope to eventually transition into science! Outside of work, I like writing poetry and fiction, scuba diving, reading a good story, and learning new things.

What hardware do you use?

I have three laptops, one iPad, and a Kindle. Two of the laptops are for work (Windows), and my personal laptop is a MacBook Pro. Whenever traveling, I am that woman in front of you who keeps taking out electronics to put on the entire tray stack :’D.

As for my monitor, I have an LG Ultrawide one. It is massive, the resolution is amazing, and someone from the office will have to drag me there because I am not going back to multiple 27” screens.

And last, but not least, I have two keyboards: the classic ErgoDox EZ, and the Moonlander.

I use the ErgoDox EZ for my Windows laptops, and they are configured to make coding as easy as possible. As someone with small hands, making the most common keys I use within immediate reach was crucial. The keys are sculpted, and I love how spacious they are. I originally got the Cherry MX Blue switches for this keyboard, but after receiving many complaints from my sleepy sister as I typed at 6:00 a.m., I had to give up their lovely click for the friendlier Cherry MX Brown.

I configured my Moonlander similarly to the ErgoDox, but changed some of the keys to make it work better with my productivity tools. I love the new USB-C cable, which goes perfectly with my Mac; the new tilt adjustments; and how portable it is for travelling!

Jessica Ambrosio's setup
Jessica keeps her setup clean, quiet, and cheerful

And what software?

For programming, my main tools are Visual Studio Enterprise, a trusty terminal, and a well-rested mind.

To my fellow productivity fans out there, here are three things I can’t live without:

  • TickTick: Best tool to keep track of tasks. I especially love their feature to just press a couple keys and add a task to your list for whatever day/time you want. SO GOOD!
  • Quicksilver: A much smarter and powerful Spotlight. And it’s FREE!
  • Vimium: Imagine being able to use Vim commands to navigate Chrome tabs and websites. Yes, it’s that awesome.

What’s your keyboard setup like? Do you use a custom layout or custom keycaps?

As shown in the picture, I like keeping my keyboards far away from each other, as it gives me a much better posture and maximizes the space I can fill with food and work notes. They are slightly angled to better match the natural angle of my arms, and with the Moonlander, I am also able to hit the exact tilt of my hands.

What would be your dream setup?

My dream setup would be an L-shaped desk with automatic height control, my same monitor, and enough space to set my two keyboards and all my notebooks. Oh, and a nice view from a very tall building!

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