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Vittoria Bitton

Software Engineer

Who are you, and what do you do? What do you like to do outside of work?

Hi there! I’m Vittoria, a software engineer based in Brazil (well, not that based lately since I’ve being trying to spend some periods traveling and experiencing life in different countries) working for a fully remote company called Valued.

I’ve been working in the last three years mainly with Elixir, and I’m loving it. So I would say my main focus of interest lately has been the development of distributed systems with functional languages, preferably Elixir.

Vittoria Bitton's guitars
Music and books give Vittoria a break from computers

Outside of work—generally speaking—people can find me doing a lot of sports (Olympic weight lifting and calisthenics mostly), reading as a way to reduce my screen time, hanging with my friends, helping my family, and trying to learn something. Right now it is music, an old passion that I never actually put the effort into to master the theoretical base of. I’m using Brazilian «choro popular» and introductory jazz pieces in my learning.

Vittoria Bitton's setup, vertical shot
From the cool mesh chair to the vertical mouse, Vittoria has thought about every ergonomic detail

What hardware do you use?

I work on a MacBook, and I have a set of peripherals to help me have an ergonomic setup, which has been very important for me lately. From chair to a standing desk, to the Logitech MX Vertical and sometimes an Apple trackpad as well. Also a wider monitor helps me a lot (mine is a simple wide-screen one from LG) and a RØDE mic for a more improved sound quality. Also the Moonlander as main keyboard, but also I have a regular mechanical keyboard that I use for unrelated-to-work stuff.

And what software?

VS Code and other work-related software (Slack, Notion, iTerm2, 1Password, etc.). I’ve been using Sukha for time management and focus tasks. But besides that, I’m pretty much a notebook person.

Vittoria Bitton's keyboard
All the input devices sit close together

What’s your keyboard setup like? Do you use a custom layout or custom keycaps?

My setup with the Moonlander is the default keycaps and the macOS mastery layout. I’m feeling already comfortable with it, so eventually I might add some custom changes I could do to improve it.

What would be your dream setup?

I love minimalist setups with nonexistent cable cords. So that would be a great start + having a better monitor—I’m curious about those curved wide-screens. And most important: better lighting to avoid eye fatigue. The last one seems very doable, but I never took time to figure it out.

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