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Asier Garcia Ruiz

Junior Developer

Who are you, and what do you do? What do you like to do outside of work?

I am recent graduate of Georgia Tech (go Jackets!) There, I graduated with a double major in CS and Mathematics. Most of my work involved typing either code or LaTeX; it got to a point where I was able to solve an entire proof in LaTeX without using any paper, if it was simple enough. I also primarily used Neovim for most of my work (huge shoutout to for the posts about typing math notes in Vim). I really enjoyed going into rabbit holes with my configs/setups (greatly hampering my productivity with homework, but you know what they say about the time you enjoy wasting). That is how I got into ergonomic keyboards.

Asier Garcia Ruiz's photo of a rainforest in Peru
The rainforest in Peru looks like a wonderful place to visit!

After graduating, I went on to travel to Peru for a couple weeks, and then I did some backpacking through Europe. I also spent a lot of time with my family back in Spain, where I am originally from. I wanted to have a summer full of experiences before I started working, since I knew I’d have less time for all of these things. In those trips I made memories I will never forget, and I would do it all over again every time.

Asier Garcia Ruiz's photo of a street in Rome
When in Rome, take lots of pictures. It's okay if the Romans don't; they live there

Now I live in Chicago, where I just started a new job as a software engineer. Since I am still in boot camp, I am forced to use the keyboard on my laptop, instead of my Moonlander (the calamity!) I guess I could take my keyboard to the boot camp, but I don’t wanna be that guy quite yet. I am still very much adjusting to everything, but looking forward to my new life here (and the procrastinating I will do by overoptimizing my work setup).

At the moment, it seems like most of what I do outside of work is build furniture. However, I have always been an avid gym-goer (I used to go at 5:30 a.m. in college, right when it opened, so I could avoid waiting for equipment). I also enjoy walking, hiking, and biking, but more so for leisure than sport. I also try to keep learning new things every day, and have been studying for certifications after coming back from work.

Asier Garcia Ruiz's photo of Mount Vinicunca
A nice leisurely outing with a view of Mount Vinicunca in Peru

What hardware do you use?

As I mentioned above, I use a Moonlander Mk1. Due to my years of gym-going and heavy typing, my wrists started to hurt, and I bought a platform. I use this with an M2 MacBook Air, a Thunderbolt 3 Dock, and a Dell monitor on an arm. A friend convinced me to buy an Uplift standing desk. Then there’s the crown jewel of my office setup, a Herman Miller Aeron chair. I don’t care how much my friends make fun of me, it was worth every dollar. Mind you, my setup in college was a lot jankier. All of my furniture came from IKEA, and I had a thirdhand monitor one of my roommates gave me once he graduated. I figured that if I was expected to make money while working from home, an upgrade was direly needed.

Asier Garcia Ruiz's setup
Asier's setup looks nice, and his view of Chicago is excellent

Soon, I will have to set up my desk at work, and I will probably be buying another Moonlander and platform, just to keep things consistent.

Asier Garcia Ruiz's office
And an Aeron like this for the office? Surely the company issues those, right?

And what software?

As I mentioned, I mainly use Neovim, so my layout isn’t too crazy, as I typically prefer to add things into my Vim config, rather than keyboard keys (although there are a couple shortcuts for code navigation that are quite handy). I use macOS, and Kitty is my terminal emulator.

What’s your keyboard setup like? Do you use a custom layout or custom keycaps?

I have the “default” Moonlander and a platform so I can angle the keyboard more. I wish I had got blank keycaps (and I will if I end up buying another keyboard). I also have the Cherry MX reds, but I am also thinking of spicing that up soon. My layout is nothing crazy, but it does have a thumb key for the backslash, since it is a very common symbol in LaTeX (and also my leader key in Neovim). I also have a few macOS specific keys to switch virtual desktops and other functionality. Part of my mantra is that I would rather push the complexity of shortcuts to software, since it’s easier to go into a config file than flash the keyboard (as easy as that is already!).

What would be your dream setup?

I think that fortunately I am not very far from my dream setup. I wish I could figure out something that will completely eliminate my wrist pain, but I am still on the search for that. I am looking into learning the Dvorak layout, since I’ve heard it reduces strain, but given that I can already touch type QWERTY, this is quite the endeavor. I am also hoping to find a good solution to have my keyboard completely vertical.

Asier Garcia Ruiz's photo of the Swiss Alps
Asier's keyboard ambitions are lofty as the Swiss Alps

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