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Notch Rhino

Software Consultant

Who are you, and what do you do? What do you like to do outside of work?

I’m Notch Rhino. Professionally, I am a software consultant for a large consultant firm and have worked with more tech stacks than I can remember. I’ve worked on projects from government work to companies with only a handful of employees and projects that used CSS to SQL and every step in between.

Notch Rhino's con photo of a cat
Conventions let Notch Rhino meet up with friends in real life

Outside of work, I have more hobbies that any reasonable person should have. I’m an audiophile with a good hi-fi setup, a photographer, a mechanic, a Twitch streamer, a convention-goer who travels to conventions several times a year to see friends, and I am most proud of the hardware electronic work that I do. I’ve 3D-printed and soldered up macro pads and keyboards and kept everything running.

Notch Rhino's hi-fi setup
A good hi-fi setup is a joy

Notch Rhino's photo of frost flowers
Frost flowers are a seasonal phenomenon well worth documenting

What hardware do you use?

My main personal computer is an AMD build with a 3700X, 32 gigs of RAM, and a 3070 TI I was able to get about a year ago. I needed an upgrade for streaming, as my 1070 TI wasn’t really able to keep up with streaming full HD and trying to play AAA titles. I also use a VTuber avatar, which adds some stress to the system as well. I think I have every USB port on my computer populated right now. I even made sure my motherboard had more USB ports than normal, and it is barely enough.

Notch Rhino's setup
Game controllers live side by side with keyboards

I stream any and everything so I hooked up an NES, a PlayStation 2, and a Wii to a RadioShack A/V switcher and hooked those up to an HDMI switcher that also has a PlayStation 3 hooked up so I can stream games from any of those consoles. I have a Leap motion controller to keep track of my hands and a RØDE NT1-A microphone and a pair of Sennheiser HD 6XX Pro headphones. For monitors, I have an ASUS VG34VQL1B monitor, a Dell S3220DGF monitor, and some other monitors that I’ve had for so long I don’t even know where they came from.

For input I have my ErgoDox Planck EZ Glow, a Stream Deck, a Thrustmaster T248 steering wheel, and a Corsair M65 mouse, as well as various controllers to use with my consoles. I also have various keyboards around that I’ve acquired or 3D printed and handbuilt. I’ve ventured into soldering up some Gherkin keyboards and used a Raspberry Pi Pico for a macropad.

Notch Rhino's vinyl collection
Not everything needs to be high-tech. Check out the vinyl collection!

And what software?

Chrome and Steam are the daily heavy hitters, but I feel like that’s most people for their personal PC—at least, I hope I’m not alone on that one. OBS is instrumental to me being able to stream. Additional applications I use for stream are VTuber Plus and VSeeFace, which does the face tracking for my avatar. Discord is also very important for my day-to-day. It allows me to have an easy way to do voice chat, but lets me keep up with my community.

Lightroom and Photoshop are really useful when I go out for a photography session. DaVinci Resolve has been my go-to for video editing; I like to use public domain movie clips during stream for fun when I can. I use Audacity to record vinyl records on my PC and set up sound clips for stream. I have the Elgato Stream Deck app to help me maintain my Stream Deck selections.

I programmed my own Twitch chat bot and host that run on a Pi 3 with an LED matrix, and VS Code has been crucial for the development of that, as well as Notepad++ for daily tasks. I have used Thonny and Arduino to develop software for microcontrollers. For work, I use VS Code and Visual Studio 2022, as well as SQL Server Management Studio.

Notch Rhino's keyboards
Notch Rhino maintains several keyboards

What’s your keyboard setup like? Do you use a custom layout or custom keycaps?

I first saw the Planck ortholinear setup a couple of years ago and decided I wanted one for myself, but at the time didn’t know if I would like it long term or not. So I built my own Planck keyboard and did some research into what the current layout was and made a few minor alterations. I moved couple of keys, added a layer, had to manually program my own custom pin settings in the firmware and then make my own layout.

Notch Rhino's keyswitches
Keyboard innards

Once that was done I had printed blank key caps so on my at-the-time daily keyboard I made those all blank, except the home row, which read “GOOD LUCK.” I carried the key layout over to the Planck EZ Glow when I finally got one and had to keep the GOOD LUCK home row.

None of the changes are a major overhauul, but the small adjustments just made sense at the time and still work well for me.

Notch Rhino's GOOD LUCK keyboard
Every keyboard could use a little luck

Long-term plans: I will probably do some resin 3D prints for custom keycaps. Having different profile keys on the same row is a bit weird at times. I also need to configure a few more keys; the layout shifts as my needs shift.

Notch Rhino's Toyota Crown
One of Notch Rhino's vehicles: a right-hand drive car imported from Japan

What would be your dream setup?

My dream setup would be to have everything I need to make custom cables for everything so I can finally do some proper cable management and clean my desk up. I’d love a bigger garage to work on my cars and motorcycles, though. My projects need some attention, and it’s tough living in the city with limited space.

Notch Rhino running
Thanks, Notch Rhino! When there's no room to park, you can always run!

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