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JL Vivero Garcia

Senior Software Engineer

Who are you, and what do you do? What do you like to do outside of work?

I am JL. I am a senior software engineer, and outside of work I play video games and pursue other hobbies like 3D printing, building computers, setting up my own home server, etc.

What hardware do you use?

For my home desktop I have a Mini-ITX case, the NR200, which I’m a huge fan of, with an MSI B-series ITX board, an AMD 7600X CPU, a 3070 as the GPU, and a Noctua air cooler.

JL Vivero Garcia's home setup
JL keeps his setup compact and quiet

For my desk I have a standing desk—not a fancy one, but one that’s solid and reliable enough—from Radlove.

I like to have monitors that are on the smaller side, so I have a Lenovo G24qe, which is the only 24-inch 1440p display monitor with a decent refresh rate on the market, and a very old, cheap Acer 24-inch 1080p monitor (I want to upgrade that one but I haven’t found anything that strikes my fancy). As for audio, I use simple earbuds and a desk microphone from HyperX. I used to prefer to have a headset, but they really tire my head and ears pretty quickly, so I ended up switching and haven’t looked back since.

My mouse is a DELUX vertical mouse, which is pretty solid, and I have a desk mat with a bunch of Linux commands on it from Pixie Cube.

My daily driver for my home PC is the ErgoDox EZ. I use the Moonlander for my work setup, as I think the layout of the ErgoDox EZ makes for an easier transition in games, while the layout of the Moonlander is perfect for my custom coding layout.

I also have a Steelcase Think chair, which is very comfortable, and I’m thinking of buying another Steelcase chair for my office setup.

In my office setup I have two monitors—one vertical, one horizontal—and a laptop stand for my work M1 MacBook Pro and also a standing desk. I use the Moonlander and put the MacBook Magic Trackpad in the middle in between both sides of the Moonlander, as I switch which hand to use the trackpad depending on what I’m doing.

JL Vivero Garcia's work setup
Alternating mouse hands is a good ergonomic decision

And what software?

Software daily driver would be Discord and Firefox, and whatever game I’m playing at the time. I also always have a hardware monitor open and MSI Afterburner for overclocking my GPU.

I use VS Code or SSH into my home server and use Vim when I’m working on a home project.

For work, my daily driver is definitely VS Code and the terminal, as well as Chrome (my work webpages work better on Chrome, but I do use Firefox when I need to develop something in the front end). I also use BetterTouchTool to help me snap windows into my whole screen without going into full screen ’cause I really dislike Mac’s full-screen functionality.

I’m definitely missing some stuff, but the bottom line is I like to customize my stuff quite a bit.

What’s your keyboard setup like? Do you use a custom layout or custom keycaps?

For ErgoDox EZ: I use a custom QMK layout that I made myself by compiling and flashing my keyboard to add macros to my keyboard. The reason I went that approach was that I wanted to create a spammer macro that had a combination of keys and mouse clicks for a game. It also gives me a great deal of control to be able to add any kind of macro through code.

For Moonlander: I do use the default customizer from ZSA, though I don’t think I ever saved that layout (it was my first keyboard and so I set the keys and forgot about it :( ). Maybe I’ll redo the layouts soon.

As for custom keycaps, I’ve actually been looking for some, but haven’t pulled the trigger on them. I like the look and feel of the keycaps that my keyboards came with, but there’s a few things that make me want to find a good replacement.

  1. The white keycaps do get dirty quickly, so I have to clean them often. Maybe a different color keycap would help it look better for longer.

  2. Because the keyboard offers so many customizations, it doesn’t come with modifier keys marked on the keycaps.

I would like those based on my keyboard layout. I haven’t found a place that could do that yet :(, but I’m still looking. I might consider 3D printing my own custom keycaps once I get better at 3D printing, but for now I’m still looking for a place that can make the keycaps with custom labels.

What would be your dream setup?

I think I would upgrade my desk, and have a third monitor, and I would have all the monitors be 24 inches 1440p + 100Hz, preferably 120Hz (but that monitor literally only exists in China).

I would probably upgrade my chair to a Gesture and put my Think chair on my home office. (I give chair priority to my gaming desk because I usually use the standing position at the standing desk of my office.)

I would probably have labels on my ErgoDox EZ keycaps with all the modifier keys that I set, and I really want to add PSU to my setup for energy redundancy (and add one more to my home server).

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